Tohu va´wohu, (also known as The Mon Chéri) the book of Genesis, chapter One,2010, 114 jars and chocolate paper.

This work epitomise the place where our journey towards some social understanding get underway, am explanation of the creation of the world, as it is at the first chapter of the bible. The piece contains 114 jars, each holds a word, cut out of the Mon Chéri chocolate rapping paper. Follows the seven days of creation as it is written in the biblical hebrew. Each word isolated, as if prepared to be dissected and studied carefully.  This piece of writing, documenting one of the first philosophical and poetical concepts of life and of course putting human in the centre of creation. In this pink version just like the first biblical chapter each word is forever new as it is mentioned only once as this is the act of creating everything new. And so it is that after the first sentence it is no more possible to read the ascription as we know it. Suggesting the point of beginning when all component of life were not yet in a state of a known substance - jumbled.

(Re)Creation, 2010, 6 :700 L Jars and inkjet paper.

In contrast to the creation of the world or even the act of manufacturing any industrial product. Bearing children tend to carry the title: recreation; so to portray the aspect that what was made is not totally new. And of somewhat insignificant importance.

hence I could not resist exhibiting the two works together.