Give me some advice about the truth, 2017

10 panels 100x136cm

Books by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and inkJet print.

In this work I use the paper from the books of the Rabbi Nachman of

Breslov, 1772 - 1810  a cabalistic scholar and a pillar in the chasidic movement. 

And I use his literal work (with irony and ernest) as a background to my mosaic image of skyscape,

I utilise the material itself, the paper as well as the ideas.

The image that I made is built up from his words that describe facts and affairs the way he sees them, drawing similarities to the philosophical ideas in the book. We belong to two different world his of chasidic beliefs of the 17th Century and mine of a 21st Century secular artist. Bringing together two different world that have so much in common.