The Paper Brigade , 2008 - on going,

10-12 individuals size 32x80, each made of 4/5 layers of paper cuttings and coat hangers.

The first paper brigade rises a dialogue between the controlled aesthetics of an old craftsmanship (cutting layers of white papers to produce a picture) and the severity of the picture. “The First paper Brigade” included 10 soldiers which carry great ethos “on their back”.

The first paper brigade includes:

1. I WW soldier

2. Roman soldier

3. Israeli soldier

4. SS soldiers

5. Freedom fighter (bird with barb wire)

6. Japanese Harikiri

7. US conquerers

8. Terrorist

9. Bolshevik revolution

10. French revolution

The second paper brigade (silence) 2012 - 2014, this brigade includes 12 individuals and explores the aspect of non-fighting fighting. The people portrayed in the work are not to be taken as pacifist, or too weak to fight, or cowards in any way. There are not even in the position of simply trying to avoid all incident of fighting. The reality is the complete opposite; They actually have to fight, They have to fight for the mere freedom to exist. And they fight with the only tool they have.

The second paper brigade includes:

1. John doe

2. The boy from Warsaw

3. Search for people in Kosovo

4. Eliaa Daphna Magdalena Elmahdy

5. Bulgarian fight Ottoman

6. Gaza situation

7. Buddhist monk on fire

8. Postal pigeon

9. eye witness

  1. 10.Salman Rushdi

  2. 11. karsturba and her husband Gandhi

  3. 12.Cockroaches