Liars, 2012, cotton and fabric, 30cmx30cm, cross stitching technic.

The uncontrollable force for certain activities or even the poses ion of ideas and preoccupation of thoughts. Echoing a strong sense of no control.  No control on our own thoughts, believes and what is truthful. In that respect many notions that started as imaginary concepts evolve to be objective truth. So I started making lists (many lists) of people that brought to the world great ideas, great ideas that may as well change the way we think but who to say that this is the best way of thinking.

In those lists I tend to create an evolutionary shift from the more established revolutionary ideas to what can be preconceived as a lie.

This theme was depicted in few ways; in a large imaginary table cloth and framed cutting paper work.

Liars Obsessive compulsive disorder, 2012

Millimetre paper, pen drawing of cross stitching.

200 x 100 cm

The Fidelity to the Truth (Wittgenstein, Alexander the great, Nostradamus, Houdini, Bonnie Parker), 2012, 45cmx45cm, paper cutting.