Ahammm - A Choir of breathing Jars, 2015
Large Jars, DC motors and papers.
Size: variable, site specific

Commissioned by the Festival of Regions, Upper Austria, 
and supported by Georg List, AVL List GmbH 
Graz and the Modern History Museum Ebensee.

To view the work in action

200 - 300 jars, each equipped with a small DC motor, connected  together, working of a single current of 1V each. Activating a piece of paper to spin making a sound. The different type of paper makes different sound. There is marvellous paper such as papyrus and handmade Japanese paper or unusable throw a way packages and an Ikea instruction book, as well as a sentimental and symbolic old Hebrew-Arabic dictionary.

Although all motors are running of single current, as a crowd it creates a multiple sounds and rhythms. Some turning around with a degree of firmness other flutter gently but all have to be recognise for their distinctive nature.
The sound of each individual is not laud, like a murmur but together they filled up the vast space of the tunnel with resonance of thin noise. A sea of jars, the movement of motors and paper that turning, twirling, “wushing", flutter and flicker. Creating a sea of sounds, going in and out synchronisation. Generating a complex pattern, a ritual that is very uncertain and obscure.
Like a chorus it produces a harmonious sounds mixture, combined from many separate individual voices that constantly changes, get out of synchronism and then finds new cadence once again. This fluctuation and metamorphosis based on the differences of the paper in Wight, texture and size, as well as small mechanical differences, mainly the size of the cog, between the motor and the rod. . 

Photos: Norbert Artner and Julia Vogthttps://youtu.be/KcJjFlu0e-chttps://youtu.be/KcJjFlu0e-cshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1